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Que pasa bbs!

So the last post we talked about chlorophyll and how to consume it. Now let's talk gut health. Anything that you consume ends up in your gut, either it will work with your aminos or work against them. Eventually your body will try to get rid of them and it will manifest in many ways.

I began using chlorophyll because I had multiple ulcers due to my addiction to opioids. It was a intense point in my life where I really needed to do something different for the sake of my mental and psychical health. I mention mental health because I believe that it is connected to gut health. I have watch many documentaries and read articles of studies done that prove that your gut is very much connected to the brain.

I know now that if my diet is not the best chances are that my mental health is going to worsen. In the beginning it was so hard. I couldn't understand why it wouldn't stick. I thought it would be the easiest transition but if it was there would be a higher percentage of clean eaters than there is. It all comes down to us not being properly educated.

Anyway, I came across Dr. Sebi and his studies. I started watching his many interviews and his seminars. I thought I would follow his detox plan, at this point I had tried everything. I started with one day a week, then I went with two days. Eventually made it to 3 and so on until I was eating meat/fish twice a month.

I lost a good amount of weight but most of all my mood was way better. I was just going through a divorce while my I was on this diet transition in my life so I think mentally it was very challenging for me. I just knew that I wanted change and I have always heard that change is uncomfortable and it doesn't really happen unless you take the risk so, I did.

I was very glad I took that risk because it just worked and now I can share this with you. I think it is very important to go through steps during a lifestyle transition it just makes it so much easier on your body. In my consultations I always recommend that you start off with transitioning to spring water with chlorophyll. The second step is detoxing your gut, then removing calcification and then detoxing your lymphatic system which I will be writing about too. I will be doing a part 2 of this post and then two different blog posts with details on removing calcification and detoxing our lymphatic system.

I am excited to share this information with you for whenever you're ready to make these healthy transitions.

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