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Welcome to Zoulee's Goods!

I am excited to share tips, hacks, information for your everyday life! I want to start off by saying I AM BILINGUAL so you will get a spanglish blog aqui! It wouldn't be me if I don't talk to you like I talk in my everyday life pero I will do my best to translate. Ahora, let's get to my mission. My mission is to create a safe space where you can get educated & motivated to living your best life. I understand that healthy living is a mindset and I want to help you achieve it by making it fun and not this boring and scary move you have to make.


When I first transitioned into a green living the most annoying thing I found was being told that is was easy! It is not, no one tells you how cranky you are going to be from not eating sugar. No one tells you that your body is going to be angry at you for not feeding it what is addicted to and that you're not going to feel good right away. Even switching from plastic to eco friendly household goods is another transition that takes time. Well in this blog we will keep it real! AQUI NO HABRA MENTIRAS!! (NO LIES will be told here!) I will cry with you and hold you hand when you decide to get not buy the cool plastic toothbrush you have been buying for years.


Yo te prometo que no te juzgo ( I won't judge) My goal is to create a dialogue between you and I. Where we explore together, que sirve y que no. We are all busy, why waste time? Making it simple, and giving you the best tips while you're transitioning no matter how long it takes you. Creating trust between you and I. Let's get REAL. No subject will be left out that covers body, mind and soul. That means we can go from talking about spirituality to talking about intercourse. Yes the whole spectrum. That is the goal.

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