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I'm constantly looking for ways to make zero waste in the kitchen. I rarely cook meat at home so for me herbs are a must, they elevate veggie dishes. I've talked about preserving fresh herbs a little longer by placing them in a glass jar with some water and storing them in the fridge now let's talk about drying those extra herbs you didn't have time to use. Once I know that no amount of water is going to revive my herbs (como el cilantro , perejil , menta , epazote etc....) I tie them up in a bundle and hang them upside down until they are dry ( they become super crunchy) typically takes about a week.

Once dried I unwrap them and crunch them en un molcajete ( into a mortar) I smash them in to a powder and I store them in a sealed tight glass jar with a few pieces of rice to help with moisture since they don't have preservatives.

This not only helps you save money but you avoid guessing if the seasoning your ingesting contains natural products.

I also noticed that my homemade herbs are definitely more bright in color then the store bought. Which only adds more flavor to my dishes. I hope this can inspire you to make your own.

Happy Healing,

Zoulee Fér

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